Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

The Red Brethren - Brother Carcharias

Here comes The Red Brethren, The personal Bodyguard of Tyberos.
I named all of them to give them a bit more personality.
The first is:

Brother Carcharias, the Hero of Karolus

This guy is the secret hero of my army. He did a lot of cool stuff during the games.
For example:
- He survived 3 CC-Phases aganist 6 Necron Phantoms
- He passed his 5+ invul save 2 times in turn against 2 Plasma shots
- He defeated an unit of 3 Chaosterminators on his own
Maybe one day, he could made his Chapter Master so proud that he could be promoted to be
a Captain. We will see...

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Finally! The first pictures!

Here is a group shot of my Army. Thank´s to the guys from the GW store Aachen!

From Left to Right:

1. Tyberos the Red Wake with his "Red Brethren" Assault Terminators Bodyguard
2. One of the new Stormtalon Gunships with Typhoon Missile Launcher; named "Slaughter Laughter"
3. A Tactical Squad with a Power Fist, a Meltagun and a Missile launcher;
There is also my Chaplain (not yet named)
4. A Devastator Squad with one Laser cannon, one Plasma cannon and one Missile Launcher

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Space Sharks-The Carcharodons Chapter

I often wrestled with the idea of a Warhammer 40k Space Marine army next to my existing Tau. But the Chapters i wanted to take first often died as an idea (Mortifactors,Flame Falcons,Exorcists) or after the first miniatures i build (Astral Claws and Space Wolves). Then I looked at the Forge World Homepage and saw the Preview of the Imperial Armour Volume 10: The Badab War Part Two. I always were a huge fan of the 40k Lore, especially the Badab War. At the Preview i saw the Chapter of the old Space Sharks, now updated by Forge World, new named as the Carcharodons. From this moment i know which chapter i would play.

Who are the Carcharodons?

The Chapter named Carcharodon Astra -- translated into Low Gothic as the Space Sharks but known more widely as the Carcharodons -- is a Space Marine Chapter of unknown providence that has relatively recently carved for itself a dark and brutal legend in the bloody wake of the Badab War. Much of the information surrounding its history is shrouded in myth or allegory, but fragmented pieces of data point to it already being in existence as early as late M32, during the Astropath Wars. One thing is for certain however: that the Chapter was given a sacred duty to travel the empty spaces beyond the Imperium´s borders, seemingly forever, to seek out and destroy the enemies of Mankind.

+++ Do you want to know more? Lexicanum/english Lexicanum/german +++

Pics are following in near future.