Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

The Red Brethren - Brother Carcharias

Here comes The Red Brethren, The personal Bodyguard of Tyberos.
I named all of them to give them a bit more personality.
The first is:

Brother Carcharias, the Hero of Karolus

This guy is the secret hero of my army. He did a lot of cool stuff during the games.
For example:
- He survived 3 CC-Phases aganist 6 Necron Phantoms
- He passed his 5+ invul save 2 times in turn against 2 Plasma shots
- He defeated an unit of 3 Chaosterminators on his own
Maybe one day, he could made his Chapter Master so proud that he could be promoted to be
a Captain. We will see...

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